Privacy policy

SYNERLAB, as a company is responsible to apply GDPR n°2016/679 27 april 2016 and « Informatique et Libertés » n°78-17 6 january1978, and committed to respect obligations in matters of data privacy.

Article 1

The following confidentiality policy applies to:

Its intent is to present to site users:

  • Manner in which private data and information are collected. Private data is defined by any personal data allowing user identification. They include, among others, name, age, postal address, location or IP address.
  • What are users rights regarding these data;
  • Who is responsible for usage of personal data;
  • Who are these data transferred to;
  • If applicable, what is the cookie policy.

Article 2
General principles for data collection and use

In accordance with article 5 of EU ruling 2016/679, data collection and use from site users respect the following principles:

  • Legality, loyalty and transparency: data can only be collected and used following consent of the owner of such data. Each time personal data are collected, the user will be informed his data are collected and why they are.
  • Limited use: collection and use of data are determined to serve objectives of the terms of sales.
  • Minimizing of data collection and use: only relevant data to serve objectives of terms of sales are collected.
  • Limited time keeping of data: data are kept for a limited period of time which is communicated to users. Should this time not be known, users are informed of criteria determining time during which these data are kept.
  • Integrity and confidentiality of collected and used data: data usage responsible commits to guarantee integrity and confidentiality of collected data.

In order to be legal, and in accordance to article 6 of the EU regulation 2016/679, personal data collection and use can only happen if they comply to at least one of the following conditions:

  • User willingly consented to use;
  • Use is necessary to execute a contract;
  • Use responds to a legal requirement:
  • Use results from preserving vital interest of the person or any other physical person.
  • Use results from the execution of a public interest assignment or results from execution of public authority.
  • Data collection and use are dictated by legitimate and private interests emanating from responsible for use or a third party

Article 3
Personal data collected and used through site navigation

A. Collected and used data and collection mode

Personal data collected on are the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone

These data are collected when the user is operating one of the following:

  • Request through contact form

Data use representative will keep data in the information system in reasonable safety conditions for a period of 3 years.

B. Data transfer to third parties

Data can be transferred to the following third parties:

  • Google LLC, for statistical purposes (subject to acceptance of cookie policy). IP addresses sent to Google LLC are anonymised.

C. Data hosting hosted at: OVH Roubaix

data collected and used are exclusively hosted in France.

Article 4
Data use responsible

A. data use representative

Responsible for personal data is: IT Service. Contact:

Data use representative is in charge to determine objectives and means for using personal data.

B. Data use representative obligations

Commits to protect personal data collected, not transfer them to third parties without prior information of the user and respect objectives for which these data were collected.

Moreover data use representative commits to informing users in case of modification or deletion of data, unless it requires formalities, cost and disproportionate procedures.

In case integrity, confidentiality or security of personal data should be compromised, data use representative commits to inform users by all available means.

Article 5
User rights

So that data use representative can manage queries, user is required to communicate name and email address.

Data use representative is to answer within max 30 days.

According to rules related to use of personal data, users are entitled to the following.

A. User rights related to data collection and use

a. Right of access, modification and deletion

Users may consult, update, amend or require deletion of their data using the following process:

Users send an email to the data use representative enunciating the reason of their request and using the email address aforementioned.

b. Data portability

Users are entitled to require private data portability to another site respecting the following procedure:

Users requiring data portability should send an email to the Data Use Representative at the aforementioned address.

c. Right to limit or oppose to data use

Users have a right to require limitation or negate right to using their data without possible opposition from the site, unless legitimate cause prevailing over interest, rights and liberty of users.

In order to limit or negate right to using their data, users should respect the following:

Users should send an email to the aforementioned address asking for limitation or denying right to use their data.

d. Right to deny decision based on automated process only.

According to bill 2016/679, users have a right to deny decision based on automated processes if such a decision carries legal consequences concerning them or significantly affects them.

e. Right to determine data sustainability after death

It is reminded that users may determine what happens to their data after death in accordance with 2016-1321 bill oct 7th 2016.

f. Right to refer to competent authority

In case, the Data Use Representative should decide not to respond to users’ request and users wish to challenge this decision, or if users believe one of the aformentioned rights is not respected, they may refer to CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, or any other competent judge.

B. Minors personal data

In respect of article 8 of EU regulation 2016/679 and loi Informatique et Libertés, only minors over 15 can consent to the use of their personal data.

If a user is less than 15 years of age, consent from a legal representative is requested for the collection or use of private data.

Site editor is entitled to check users are over 15 or have been granted agreement from a legal representative before navigating the site.

Article 6
Use of cookie files

The site may use cookies.

A cookie is a small file (less than 4 ko) stored on users hard disk and comprising information related to users navigation habits.

These files open access to information such as traffic as well as improve navigation to become more user friendly. For use of cookie files requiring backup and personal data analysis, users consent is required.

Consent is deemed valid for a period of 13 months max after which a new request will be issued to users.

A. Users denial to use cookies on the site

Users may deny cookie use through their navigator.

The following addresses are sources to deny cookie use:

Chrome :

Firefox :

Safari :

Internet Explorer :

Opera :

Should users decide to de activate cookies, they can carry on navigating on the site. Any dysfunction resulting from this de activation could not engage site editor’s responsibility.

B. Cookie files description

L’éditeur du site attire l’attention de l’utilisateur sur le fait que les cookies suivants sont utilisés lors de sa navigation :

En naviguant sur le site, il est porté à connaissance de l’utilisateur que des fichiers “cookies” de tiers peuvent être enregistrés.

Il s’agit plus particulièrement des tiers suivants :

  • Google analytics

Site editor informs users following cookies are used during navigation and can be stored. Google Analytics

Site includes social media links allowing users to share their activities on the site. Social media related cookies can thus be generated on the used device.

Users are informed social media have their own confidentiality policies as well as general terms of use which can differ from those of the site. Site editor is encouraged to get acquainted with used social media proper policies on the subject.

Article 7
Confidentiality policy modification

The present confidentiality policy may be consulted at the following address:

Site editor may modify it anytime to ensure compliance with legislation.

Consequently, users are invited to regularly consult the present confidentiality policy to be informed about latest changes.

Most recent update was issued on: Oct 7th 2022.