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Contract development, manufacturing and packaging

The SYNERLAB Group generated a turnover of 130 million Euros in 2016 and operates 6 factories in Europe. It currently employs over 1,000 people and is totally dedicated to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.



Our employees keep the SYNERLAB Group together and represent our greatest strength for the future. The entire group is guided by strong values such as humanity, integrity, responsibility and entrepreneurship.


Because people are at the heart of our group and we are keen to offer all our employees opportunities for continuous development and growth, kindness, a listening ear, harmonious relationships and transparency which are just some of the values that we all share. They make up the DNA of our Group.


We always act with sincerity, ethics and honesty in our relationships with colleagues and partners.


We abide by our commitments and take responsibility for our actions and decisions with regard to our group, our customers, our partners and society.


Our success is also based on our ability to develop new solutions for the benefit of our customers and the development of the firm.


The SYNERLAB Group offers a wide range of know-how. Its skills range from development to the contract production and packaging of drugs, medical devices and food supplements.
We have been conducting our business for over 45 years with the same passion and still focus on the same objectives:

 – Making the lives of our customers easier by implementing solid, innovative solutions. Our aim is to develop and manufacture health products for the benefit of patients.

 – Creating value for our customers, employees and shareholders and contributing to the well-being of society as a whole.


– To be a European leader in our markets and a recognised expert in each of our core businesses,
– To attain operational excellence in all our activities,
– To be recognised as a reference employer in our industry.


We are motivated on a day-to-day basis by the values of ethics and integrity. The SYNERLAB Group has developed a customer-focused corporate culture dedicated to contract production. We do our utmost to guarantee flexibility and responsiveness by always seeking the best solution for our projects. We strive to optimise costs and continually improve production processes, whilst respecting quality standards.
Within the framework of these commitments, we also encourage the sharing of knowledge and are investing in the development of our production sites.

We are proud of the certifications of all our sites : cGMP and/or ISO: Our certifications.

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Our history


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Our history:

A European group

The SYNERLAB Group is a major player in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, which is recognised as one of the European leaders in the markets for:

  • dry forms (tablets, hard and soft capsules, pouches, stick pouches),
  • liquid forms (syrups, oral and nasal drops, stick pouches), sterile liquids with or without preservatives (nasal sprays, eye drops, ear drops),
  • paste-based forms (ointments, creams) and injectable sterile forms.

Its unique know-how in the production of small and medium-sized ranges and its high-performance industrial equipment have made the Group into a privileged partner for all major generic drug manufacturers.

The Group also has a team dedicated to pharmaceutical development. The Synerlab Group proactively supports its customers in the reformulation and development of new galenic forms. This complementary activity is always in great demand.

The Group has also developed a highly diversified customer portfolio, consisting mainly of generic drug manufacturers. It supports increasing numbers of well-known pharmaceutical laboratories in the development and manufacturing of drugs.

Its growing success has led it to become a Group at the head of 6 sites with over 1,000 employees distributed throughout Europe.


The Group was established in 2001 and developed from BTT Laboratories in Alsace through regular acquisitions of independent sites located in Europe. These sites all focus on the same core business: the contract development and production of pharmaceutical products. The Group also has its own portfolios of drugs and food supplements.

Key dates

2015 The SYNERLAB acquires ALCALA FARMA Laboratories and extends its industrial footprint into the international sphere.
2013 Ardian, whilst remaining a shareholder, transfers the majority of its shares to the investment fund 21 Centrale Partners, which invests in the SYNERLAB Group.
2012 Successive double acquisition for the SYNERLAB Group: Takeover of LYOFAL and IDD Tech which becomes SYNERLAB DÉVELOPPEMENT.
2010 The SYNERLAB Group acquires PHARMASTER Laboratories from Ms Martin Spittler and develops the site and its product range.
2007 Axa Private Equity (renamed Ardian) becomes the main shareholder of the SYNERLAB Group.
2004 The SYNERLAB Group acquires SOPHARTEX Laboratories from Bouchara Recordati.
2001 Acquisition of the BTT laboratories by Andlinger and establishment of the SYNERLAB Group.
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Our teams

Committed teams with a strong focus on services

nos équipes Groupe Synerlab

The Management Board:

The SYNERLAB Group is led by its President & CEO, Bruce Vielle. The financial management is dealt with by Patrick Thirion, the Administrative and Financial Director. Jean-Noël Thiollier took leadership of our Group Human Resources. Our shareholders in 2019 included 21 Centrale Partners (majority shareholder) and Ardian.

Men and women with a commitment to service

Our teams have a strong commitment to our services and help to establish the image of the Synerlab Group. They are attentive to our customers and display excellent know-how and skills which always meet with their expectations. They are driven by the same passion and take pride in serving and satisfying our customers in their day-to-day activities.

The site managers:

BTT Laboratories – Bruce Vielle
PHARMASTER Laboratories – Claire Klopfenstein
SOPHARTEX Laboratories – Edouard Loiseau
LYOFAL – Mehdi Nagaz
ALCALA FARMA Laboratorios –  Juan Manuel Calvente

Committed, highly trained teams

The commitment of our employees reflects both their level of satisfaction and their involvement. We systematically encourage the development of the latter in order to maintain a high level of performance with our customers.

Richness through diversity

Being part of an international team made up of a wide range of perspectives and experiences enables us to offer our customers sound, innovative, effective solutions which confirm our unfailing expertise in our specialist fields. Motivated by strong human values, the teams within the  Synerlab Group are also committed to combating all forms of discrimination and embracing differences.


President & CEO

Groupe SYNERLAB is aiming to aggressively grow in today’s challenging market, in order to firmly establish its position as a leading European CDMO.
Bruce, driven by his commitment to the values of Groupe SYNERLAB, has been appointed as the new President & CEO of Groupe SYNERLAB as of beginning of 2019.
Bruce holds an Industrial Engineering degree from CESI Grenoble (2004) completed by an MBA with HEC Paris in 2012. Previously, he was the Vice President, Industrial Operations at Vétoquinol (rank 9th worldwide for Animal Health) and has a proven experience with international groups. His recognized expertise in people and project management in various industrial environments will allow him to lead the growth of Groupe SYNERLAB in this new era after 45 years of a successful history of innovation in products and services dedicated to our clients.

My ambition is to take SYNERLAB to the next level as an even more competitive CDMO while offering an exciting workplace, where teams innovate while creating added value for our clients, colleagues, shareholders and Society.

Patrick Thirion
Administrative and Financial Manager

Patrick joined the SYNERLAB Group in December 2014.

He graduated from the Institut Commercial de Nancy and obtained an MBA in the United States.

After working for a time in auditing, Patrick moved up through the FAURECIA Group for 15 years before becoming the Financial Manager of various industrial groups. His international career has enabled him to refine his industrial auditing skills. He has also been particularly involved in the implementation of information systems and the optimisation of organisations.

I believe that financiers should confidently assume the role of facilitators and business partners. Their role is to enable operational staff to provide an optimum services for SYNERLAB customers so that the Group is able to implement its strategy and fulfil its objectives.

Group Human Resources Director

Driving the growth of our company needs a close focus on people. This is why Jean-Noël THIOLLIER joined us as Group Human Resources Director as of May 6th, 2019.
Jean-Noël has a MBA in HR strategic management from HEC Business School (2001), a Master’s in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Lyon/Manchester (1986). With an experience of almost 25 years in HR, acquired in large French and international companies, Jean-Noël will be in charge of global HR.
His recognized experience as a consultant, general manager and vice-president will contribute to set up a strong people agenda, promoting our employer brand and favoring a management structure for the adoption and enactment of our values.
His goals are developing an ambitious people agenda by making sure each employee of the Group is fully engaged in the success of their site and totally proud of belonging to SYNERLAB as a Group. Sharing best practices, benchmark versus best in class, become a “great place to work” where everyone feels cared for and are given the opportunity to contribute to the bigger picture.

I believe the global value of human capital is far more than the addition of the value of each individual. Caring about our people is the best guarantee to care and grow our clients’ base and satisfaction.