A site totally dedicated to sterile non-injectable liquid forms

The PHARMASTER laboratories have been based in Erstein, Alsace for around 30 years. Thanks to these laboratories, the SYNERLAB Group has enhanced its product portfolio as well as its international stature.

They offer innovative solutions for the large-scale production and industrialisation of sterile non-injectable liquids, with or without preservatives. The site also specialises in the aseptic filling of solutions for ophthalmologic, oral, auricular, topical and nasal applications. In addition, it has developed close partnerships with the main leaders in these sectors. Thanks to a multi-disciplinary team made up of 140 employees, the PHARMASTER laboratories are able to fulfill a wide range of requirements.


The PHARMASTER Laboratories in Erstein, Alsace

Tailor-made support

In response to the rapid development of the market, the site proposes a complete range of services from development support through to industrial transposition. The secret of our success lies in the continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, flexibility, competitiveness and a customer-focused approach.

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles for standard eye drops
  • Plastic bottles for multi-dose eye drops without preservatives
  • Glass or plastic spray bottles for disposable solutions
  • Plastic bottles for large volumes
  • Supply of raw materials including main active ingredients
  • ICH stability studies
  • Process optimisation
  • Manufacturing and primary packaging of clinical batches
  • Quality control
  • Human and veterinary cGMP
  • Experimental drugs cGMP
  • ISO 13485 certification: 2003
  • ISO 9001 certification: 2008


Laboratoires PHARMASTER

Zone Industrielle de Krafft

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Fax +33 (0)3 88 98 98 08