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Operational excellence & ambition

The SYNERLAB Group offers expertise in the development, manufacturing and contract packaging of finished products via its 6 sites based in Europe.



With our different production sites in Europe, we are one of the leading French industrial players in the pharmaceutical sector. We guarantee optimum product quality and safety, whilst respecting the Good Manufacturing Practices stipulated by the competent authorities.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are a guarantee of quality established by individual states or the European Commission within the framework of “quality procedures”. They apply to the manufacturing of drugs intended for human or veterinary use.

The SYNERLAB Group therefore guarantees operational excellence in all its factories in this context.


Our highly efficient industrial equipment combined with extremely committed teams offer our customers support in the development and industrialisation of our products.

In order to fulfill the requirements of these customers and comply with the latest statutory demands, we also have embarked upon a number of large-scale projects:

– Continuous improvement: the SYNERLAB Group is committed to the implementation of a continuous improvement procedure. The aim is to establish a reference system of practices intended to enhance productivity and increase the capacity of all our sites. We are also keen to develop a culture of continuous improvement in day-to-day activities by encouraging the autonomy and enhanced responsibility of our teams.

– ERP/capacity management

– Serialisation : all drugs will have to be “serialised” by February 9th, 2019. They will be allocated a unique identification number (serial number) which can be checked at every point in the chain. This need for traceability is a worldwide concern and serialisation is the solution which has been chosen for Europe.