Our markets

The SYNERLAB Group is involved in the development, manufacturing and contract packaging of products in the following markets: pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, medical devices, diagnostics and food supplements.

Significant growth potential is available for the manufacturing sector in terms of innovation, conquering new health markets and consolidation.

After a wave of growth based on the purchasing of sites, the manufacturing market has now entered a consolidation phase. Opportunities for growth are therefore still very much at the forefront. A great deal of investment has been made in production equipment to enable the French manufacturing sector to tackle new challenges. These challenges concern biotechnologies, exports which have had little or no development and international manufacturing standards (ISO13485, ISO9001, cGMP). The sector will have to position itself in market segments with a high added value.

Manufacturing prospects in the health market between now and 2020.

Between now and 2020, the growth in subcontracted volumes in Europe is set to continue with an intensification in consolidation tendencies among CDMO. The aim is to fulfill the requirements of principals wishing to reduce their partners in number.

How can industries prepare to face these challenges ?

The CDMO will have to continue to invest in industrial equipment in order to face the statutory and volume-related challenges (i.e. serialisation).

At the same time, the CDMO will also have to develop new services in order to enhance partnerships with their principals. Therefore, the ability to be innovative in terms of manufacturing and services will be major differentiating elements for the CDMO.

The SYNERLAB Group manufactures and packages drugs (brand names/generic products), medical devices and food supplements on behalf of third parties.

Some of our sites are also able to process and manufacture active ingredients and reagents for diagnostic products. They also develop files for the pharmaceutical products, medical devices and food supplements which we manufacture on our sites. Our main aim is to support our customers in the development and industrialisation of their products. The target is to provide relevant responses for all their requirements and thereby simplify their lives.


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