Saving of archives & Vinocolor

Thanks to its freeze-drying techniques, LYOFAL is able to offer this type of highly specific service.

The freeze-drying of archives is the most effective method of drying paper archives and certain water-saturated wooden items.


The archives are frozen as quickly as possible after the damage (flood, fire). Freeze-drying triggers the sublimation of the solidified water. The water vapour escapes between the pages of the book and the heart of the document is dried without the pages sticking together.

 This system :

– Prevents the sheets of paper from sticking together,
– Avoids stains by preventing the ink from running,
– Prevents the development of mould,
– Allows documents to be perfectly clear and usable,
– Makes it possible to restore fragile objects.

LYOFAL works with products from old libraries as well as the recent archives of companies and banking establishments. Thanks to this process, the management of these documents can be brought back into circulation.


LYOFAL has developed and finalised a colouring, fragrant powder which conceals wine stains on barrels and brings colour to wine cellars: VINOCOLOR.

This powder is manufactured using a completely natural process and is obtained by freeze-drying (natural drying in a cold vacuum) red wine and grape extracts. All the ingredients are therefore natural and obtained from vines. Thanks to its extremely simple application, VINOCOLOR provides added value for wine growers by enhancing the appearance of the barrels.

VINOCOLOR is packaged in pots of 100 g and 1 kg.