Specific services

Service and customer satisfaction come first…

client satisfait

In addition to our role as a pharmaceutical manufacturer who demands compliance with the GMP/GDP, we are also committed to making continual improvements to enable us to anticipate our customers’ requirements and propose additional specific services as well as truly innovative solutions.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing business demands responsiveness, flexibility and productivity; these are constant concerns for the SYNERLAB Group, whose main goals can be summarised as follows :

  • Simplifying life : we listen to our customers to enable us to understand their requirements. We are quick to act and flexible in this context and always follow through with our projects.
  • Dependable : our products and services are reliable and our services comply with customer expectations.
  • Innovative : we offer new ideas and solutions to create value.
  • Solutions : we offer responses to our customers’ problems which go beyond our manufacturing and development skills.


EU release

Within the framework of its services, the SYNERLAB Group is authorised to carry out inspection and release operations for batches accross Europe. This service is offered for partners receiving products from non-EU countries.


Vinocolor & saving of archives

sauvetage archives vinocolor


The expertise of our LYOFAL site in freeze-drying techniques have enabled it to develop extremely specific ranges. For example :

  • Vinocolor (a product made from grapes) intended for wine growers for the staining of their barrels
  • & the saving of rare archives.