Pharmaceutical products

The SYNERLAB Group is an expert in the contract manufacturing of drugs, medical devices and food supplements for human and veterinary use.

Productivity & flexibility

Our core business is the production of pharmaceutical products for laboratories. Our sites therefore constantly strive to enhance productivity, responsiveness and flexibility.

The quality of our pharmaceutical products is recognised among our contemporaries and numerous pharmaceutical laboratories call upon our expertise.

Continuous improvements

We act in partnership with our customers and are continually seeking improvements, whilst offering innovative solutions. We strive at all times to comply with the most demanding quality criteria.

The SYNERLAB Group invests a large proportion of its turnover in its industrial stock each year. We are equipped to manufacture diversified galenic forms for our pharmaceutical customers as well as delivering different batch sizes of finished products or conducting clinical trials throughout the world with the same degree of operational excellence.

Optimum quality & safety

With our different production sites in Europe, we are one of the leading French industrial players in the pharmaceutical sector. We guarantee optimum product quality and safety whilst respecting the Good Manufacturing Practices laid down by the competent authorities.