Industrial transfer

We manage different types of galenic projects in cooperation with the manufacturing units within our group.

Synergies between our production sites and R&D centres for industrial quality transfers

Our teams are in daily contact during industrial transposition projects. We understand and integrate all transfer constraints on each of our industrial sites. We are responsible for guaranteeing quality during the transposition of scales and are involved in the development of industrial pharmaceutical processes. This is intended to facilitate transfers between sites, whilst complying with criteria in terms of cost, quality, deadlines and safety and developing synthesis routes from the laboratory to the pilot stage.

We supervise the manufacturing of batches and monitor procedures in order to rectify any potential problems.

Thanks to regular investments, our service has access to modern equipment which corresponds to international statutory standards.


  • A wide range of equipment enabling us to reduce the risks linked to scaling,
  • Development equipment with similar technologies to those used by industrial sites,
  • Development and industrial transposition teams working in continuous cooperation,
  • Risk analyses,
  • A Quality by Design approach.

We adjust to all transfer requests, either internally or on the sites of the SYNERLAB Group or any other production site.