Clinical batch control

The SYNERLAB Group manufactures clinical batches for human and veterinary use as well as active ingredients and placebo matches for phase I to III clinical trials.

In order to guarantee the quality of all your drugs, the SYNERLAB Group carries out control analyses on clinical batches and deals with all associated manufacturing and pharmaceutical release activities.


  • Dry mixing,
  • Dry granulation with roller compactors,
  • Damp high-shear or fluidised bed granulation,
  • Fluidised bed drying,
  • Compression,
  • Perforated turbine coating,
  • Capsule formation (force filling-trimming),
  • Filling with powders or grains in sachets,
  • Micro-granulation,
  • Flavour masking,
  • Amended release,
  • Filling tablets and powders in capsules.


We possess a wide range of equipment enabling us to reduce the risks linked to changes of scale :

  • A GMP production area for small-scale clinical and commercial batches with different flexible rooms which can be adapted according to the activity and an area of reduced humidity for work with products which are sensitive to humidity.
  • A non GMP galenic area to encourage flexibility in our research work