The SYNERLAB Group develops, manufactures and packages a turnkey service

Our CDMO sites

Our complementary, synergy-promoting sites enable us to deal with your projects at all stages of development and offer you support to suit your requirements.

We are one of the leading manufacturers in the markets for pharmaceutical and veterinary products, food supplements, diagnostics and medical devices. As a CDMO specialising in multi-form products, we manufacture all kinds of batches: for clinical trials, pilot batches and industrial batches.

Our expertise, combining high demands and safety, is recognised among the leading international laboratories. The combination of our know-how, equipment and production areas provides our customers with an appropriate, flexible response to all their requirements. Our main aim is clearly to provide our customers with relevant responses.

In addition, the SYNERLAB Group offers to draw up your file for licence agreements. Our experts in this field, who are qualified to deal with all administrative and legal issues, remain at your disposal at all times.

Our teams

The teams within the SYNERLAB Group are highly responsive and experienced with regard to the constraints of pharmaceutical manufacturing. They continually strive to improve processes. Their aim is to maintain a high level of quality, flexibility and excellence at all times.

Our infrastructures

Our Group reinvests a large proportion of its turnover each year in improving its industrial plant. Its quality systems are constantly being tested for enhanced performance. The SYNERLAB Group is also working hard to extend its premises.